• This is Part Two of the Computer Technology Series.

    This class is designed to follow Exploring Computer Hardware. In this class we look at the Start-up Process of the computer, and all of the software involved. We see how the Hardware and Software interact. We then study the parts of the computer that can begin to cause trouble, and how to avoid that trouble. Finally, we discuss some basic steps on resolving problems that may already be taking place.

    Prerequisite: Exploring Computer Hardware, or a basic understanding of all of the parts that make the computer work.
  • In this class you will learn the fundamentals of how the Internet works. We will cover the basics of the following concepts;
    • What is the Internet / Web / How it is structured.
    • Client / Server model
    • How Internet Addresses work
    • What is FTP, and other protocols
    • What is streaming
    This class provides a foundation for the Internet Development classes, as you begin to understand how your pages will be stored and served.